Playing poker online is so fun that someone could easily find themselves playing at a poker table for hours on end, often without even knowing it. Online poker rules and strategies are similar to regular poker strategies. However, one of the biggest differences between the two types of poker games is that online poker is played at a much faster rate than regular poker. In addition, online poker does not allow a poker player to watch other opponents’ faces at the poker table. While many poker players might see this as a disadvantage, it can actually be an advantage since a poker player can easily watch their opponents’ actions and their reaction times to get a clue of what type of poker cards they might have.

In online poker, the card dealer is a computer, and as the dealer deals the cards, the action goes around the table as in a normal poker table; however, online poker sets a time limit for someone to make a move, otherwise their poker cards are folded automatically. This speeds up the poker game and forces the players at the poker tables to act quickly. When a person is watching their opponents, it can be somewhat easy to see how a player acts with the poker cards they are given. On some poker tables, there is an option for the player to make a play out of their turn, so that when the action comes around to their turn, the computer will automatically make the play. If a person is not paying attention to the poker game, it can be easy for them to miss a turn, or to miss an opponent’s actions.

When observing the other players at the poker table, it is important to take note of the players general movements. If they generally act fast, then it is important to watch for the poker hands in which they hesitate to make a play. Also, depending what type of cards they have in general, the hesitated move could mean that they have a really strong hand, or they have a weak hand, and do not know what to play. The same is true for a person who takes a long time to make a play, and then makes one hurried play. However, when this generally happens, the player usually has a weak hand, and pushed the auto check button.

When playing poker online, a person (beginners especially) should concentrate on one poker game at a time. Playing too many poker tables will distract the player from one of the tables, and they can potentially lose their turn, or a lot of money. If a person is concentrated on one poker game, they will be more in tune with the other poker payers, and can get better information on what kinds of plays the other poker players make.

When a person pays attention to too many poker games, they will often miss too many turns, and could be asked to leave the poker table. It is distracting and frustrating to have to wait for one poker player every time the action comes around to them. Playing online poker is different than regular poker, but it can be used to the poker player’s benefit, if they are willing to pay attention.

By Groshan Fabiola
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