Online Roulette is one of the most common forms of Cyber gambling in today’s world and live online roulette is catching up quickly. The game consists of a small wheel that has some 37/38 numbered pockets colored alternately with red and black randomly. There is a pocket numbered as zero (or double zero) which is painted in green.

To play the game you need to bet on the numbers, their combinations, range, and then their colors. Online live roulette is almost like a lottery with the only difference that here you are at an advantageous positions as you can bet on a number of combinations.

The online casinos offer a real casino like environment. You can hear the background noise, shouts from other tables, and commotion which has been devised to create a real casino like atmosphere. Choosing a good online live roulette site is very essential to save time and money. You may choose those online casinos which require you to give the specific number of spins before the bet. Generally, the fast playing ones are better for the players. Also one must have the chance to observe the spin of the wheel before placing the bet so you can get a feel for the numbers. This gives you the opportunity to save on silly bets made prior to knowing your betting ability. Sometimes a red or black number might come out 10 or more times in a run!

Online Roulette may be American or European. American Roulette features the double zero wheel. Because of the two zeros here, the house has more advantage over the players leaving lesser chance for them to win. Unless you really want to have some good fun American form of the game is not for you. Casinos have noticed players stay away from these tables so you will more often than not find that that the only table available for you to play online live roulette is a European one. European Roulette is similar to the American with the only difference in the zero factor. Here, you will see just one zero on the wheel. The difference between the two may not seem to be very significant but here the house advantage is reduced to 2.63% from 5.26%. Hence the chances of winning are much more here. With ‘En Prison’ rule the player can utilize several options to win. Online tips available are not very reliable and one should not bank too much on them. The game is a bit slow and relaxing and can be enjoyed by one and all.

Online live roulette offers a lot of benefits to its players. They can play freely avoiding the real casino distractions. Players can create an in-house environment to suit his/her tastes and can play freely without much bothering about co-players. Roulette is a game of luck and does not matter whether you play it real or live and online. There is no skill involved and if your luck is favorable it is surely a game for you!

By Andy Fullard
The author of writes for online live roulette and online live roulette tv websites, feel free to visit his sites and read more.