Most gamblers play to win! Amongst all the thousands of ways of gambling how does one choose the right strategy? Nobody gambles to lose and that’s why it is critical important to analyze the game you’re playing to the extent that your chances of beating the odds are higher.

It is important to adopt the right attitude and to ensure that you know the rules of the game, so that you can put the odds on your side. It is probably advisable to master several gaming strategies with discrete amounts of money before going for larger bets.
This may take some patients and analytical skills to master the tactics required by each game. So don’t be too much of a rush and use your head. A lot of what happens is basic logic and not rocket science.

The idea is to introduce a degree of certainty in winning. I can mention some points which you should take into consideration when gambling.

Firstly, make sure that you have fun while gambling. Set the limit on the amount of money you intend spending on a session and make sure it is an amount you can afford to lose, just in case. Remember that gambling is primarily entertainment and not a method of investing your money.

Secondly, exercise self control and try and stop while you’re ahead. Gambling is a probability game and the odds should not entirely be in your favour.

Thirdly, rather play small bets rather than large ones. Your gaming sessions will last longer and you will get more satisfaction out of playing; and you won’t lose a large amount in one play.

Fourthly, try and identify the flow of the game. Try and keep track of which numbers of getting the most wins and losses so that you can try and establish a trend which will help you predict which numbers are likely to come up next. Try and identify a pattern which may present some degree of predictability, then bet on those numbers.

Finally, it is amazing how things can go your way and how the randomness of gaming can be reduced by simply staying positive and believing in some like. Have some faith in the fact that you can influence matters beyond the physical world and try and keep good judgment. Try and avoid beating on your favourites. Let the universe work for you, don’t overdo things and make sure you have fun doing it.

Good luck and happy gambling.

By Howard Watson
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