The most popular and widely played casino game is blackjack or 21. The reason behind its popularity is of course the blend of skills with luck; and players like it because it is the most proven way of winning money. It’s not the luck that only plays the major role behind the winning of a player, at least not always. The strategies and experiences also play a key role. The game can be a source of fun as well as money. For some, it could even turn out to be a great hobby. People don’t just spend their weekends in distant casinos for nothing.

The history of this game is still unclear or we can say, is in the dark. But mainly Spanish or French games are thought to be the origins of today’s blackjack, Such as, Baccarat, Spanish 21 and seven-and-a-half. Initially it failed to acquire popularity among casino gamblers, but gradually it managed to win people’s hearts and grabbed the third best game title of the states in middle of the 20th century. It has got a pool of variations with which you can never be bored. The twists and turns of the game are tremendously exciting and are sure to keep the players glued to their tables. The basic objective of the game is always the same I mean whichever variation of the game you are playing, no matter whether it allows multiple splits or doubling after splits, the object is to get a higher card count than the dealer.

The main types of the game include:

Bonus blackjack: this is the variation that allows special bonus payouts for certain combinations of cards. But it allows you to play only one hand at a time.

Double exposure: this game was invented by a casino owner from Las Vegas. It favors the casino dealer.

Super Fun 21: this game gives bonus payouts for combinations of five-card 21.

The game has impressed many gambling enthusiasts. It is the game that not only excites you but also satisfies you to a great extent. It might seem difficult at first, but actually it’s quite easy to learn and master. All you need to know is to count cards. You have to be very swift in card-counting. You have to observe a lot. That’s it.

Online blackjack: this becoming popular day by day for the simple fact that it can be played from the comfort of your very home and can interact with your fellow players via chat. Online casinos offer great casino bonuses for winners and some of them even provide free tutorial sessions for the new players. It is as exciting and challenging as any land-based casino blackjack and it also offers lucrative bonuses. It has made the gaming easy and way more convenient that land-based casino blackjack. But before you get into playing real life, land-based casino blackjack or online blackjack, you must be equipped with all the knowledge, all the tactics and all the strategies required for winning this game of chance.

Irrespective of the type of game or casino, you must ensure not to do a few things such as, you must not expose or exhibit your skills and knowledge before the other players, you must not stick to a particular table for a long time and you must know how to read the body language of others because the non-verbal communication is really important in this game.

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