Casinoman ,Going to a casino used to be an elaborate affair, getting dressed up in the fanciest of clothing and mingling with the seemingly rich. Attending a casino was deemed as a great social event. Many people feel intimidated in a live casino or simply do not wish to get dressed up so may not experience the thrill that gaming has to offer.
Online casinos offer anyone over the legal gambling age the opportunity to gain confidence and play the games they love in their own homes. That said the amount of online casino’s offering popular games such as online slots, blackjack, keno and roulette has increased tenfold in recent years and it has become increasingly hard to find out which casino you will enjoy the most.
Online casinos run similarly to that of its live counterparts the only exception of course being ambience and the odd Vegas show. Unless you have a casino around the corner and like to dress up an online casino is a fabulous alternative.
Casino Man has introduced an online casino guide to benefit both the novice and the most experienced online gamblers. Designed to help you differentiate between each casino, what they have to offer and which ones the general public prefer. Online casino ratings are compiled by using the views of Casino Man users to create a score for each online casino. This is then put together to get a list of the current top 10 online casinos. Each online casino has a full review of its features and history allowing you to be reassured about the safety of your money online.
Some people prefer to be able to see the potential payouts or bonuses available at each online casino before playing. This information is note widely publicised on the internet however Casino man have put together all of this information in one convenient place.
Online casinos have higher security levels than that of land based casinos, using extremely enhanced algorithm to ensure that card counting is not possible. This heightened security is not to say that the casinos are in anyway trying to trick customers, the online gaming industry has become so huge that online casinos are always in the public eye and extremely safe.
Check out the online Casino Guide available at Casino Man to get the best out of your gaming experience.

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