If you play baccarat in a casino, you will notice that there are only three betting options and this adds to the simplicity of the game. For this reason in this game the House Edge is very low. Each skill in this game is whether to bet and how the player is able to bet. It’s simply a matter of betting in one of three choices. It is played in two, although they may be involved up to fourteen people, who can bet. You can bet this way:

1. Player as the winner of the hand
2. Banker as the winner of the hand
3. The balance of both, the so-called Tie

There is no limit to the amount of the bets placed; this is only determinate from the table. The chips are placed on the table in the area called “The Player” for the first bet.

If you bet on the Banker hand, you win if the Banker hand is higher than those of the players and in the case of this bet there is a fee to be paid. This commission is 5%. So this amount will be charged, even if you win. So it makes sense that this bet is a bet more profitable. The chips are incorporated in this bet in the “bank” of the table. Although the commission on the bet by betting on the “bank” costs 5%, the House advantage is calculated to be the lowest and this is equal to 1.01%.

These commissions of 5% are called “vigorish” in baccarat, and to maintain a smooth game, the dealer doesn’t collect the commission after each hand. He goes on, and when a shoe is complete or if a player wants to leave the game, he then collects the commissions he has accumulated.

No baccarat player really wants to make a bet on the outcome “tie” that pays 8 to 1, because in this case the House has an advantage very high, usually around 15%. For this reason, the tie is known to be the worst bet in the casino. But if you look at the return of the 8-1 victory on a tie, it is understandable why the house advantage is so high. These two factors are interrelated in all casino games.

It seems impossible that any strategy can be used to influence the outcome of such a game, but in reality it is possible. In a further article, we will discuss simple strategies to win at baccarat.

By Austinsmith
Player from the online casino group 770 , sharing basic rules of casino game Baccarat.