As reported sometime ago, the US senate of New Jersey is about to eventually legalize online gambling such as online casino sites and sports betting. The controversial bill, noted as A2570 has passed the senate and only the gubernatorial signing is needed for it to come into effect. The only problem is, this should have already take effect a long time ago, but Governor Chris Christie still hasn’t taken any official move regarding the matter.

Some online gambling experts and proponent assumed, the bill would be signed just a few days upon senate vote, since the big majority of lawmakers supported the change. Now, the rejection of the governor to act is tearing down the suspicion of many people.

In spite the positive vote in the senate, the state governor still has the authority to nullify the majority’s decision to the bill, in which case it would have to undergo again the gradual process of debating and voting, which might take up to several months again. But this time, it would need a two third majority in order to pass.

Report says that the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie intends to nullify the majority’s decision to the legislation that would authorize online casino intrastate and poker betting intrastate via Atlantic City’s land based casinos. Formally, Christie only has until February to resolve whether to sign or veto the bill, but because the legislature is in a break until March 4, Christie has some more time to think over his options. If Christie fails to make a move, the bill would automatically become law.

Speculations are whirling around why the bill hasn’t been signed yet. Some experts agree that Gov. Christie is being pressured by some other US senates that are against the legalization of online gambling. Another factor is after the positive vote of the senate, some conservative members of Christie’s party speak out their negative opinion about this move.

Online gambling bill in New Jersey is the product of some years of attempting to convince fellow politicians, lawmaking and several heated debates. Much resource have been consumed and much has been done to reach this final phase. So, the governor’s negative decision if ever would seriously slows down the process of legalization.

However, just this week, Christie signed off on two other gambling bills which passed through the state legislature in the same general time frame – an act allowing wagering exchanges to operate in the state of New Jersey for horse racing, and a new way of combining pari – mutuel wagers.

The bill is not only important for the state of New Jersey but it will also serve as an element in the online gambling legalization issue in the entire US. If the bill passes, some other US states would absolutely follow the example, which would possibly lead to a country wide legalization in the future. New Jersey’s entry into the online gambling sector could also boost land casino tax income by a much needed $100 million and could create 500 high tech jobs in supporting services.

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