Online casino gaming is more beneficial than traditional land-based gaming. The odds are better in online casino gaming versus traditional casino gaming and online gaming is available to more people. The security in online gaming is just as good, if not better, than traditional land-based casino gaming. Online casino gaming is very professional. The odds of online casino gaming are better than traditional land-based casino gaming. In traditional land-based casino games the odds are usually in favour of the house. This is known as the house advantage, or house edge. The house controls the probability of their games so the outcome is in their favour. In games where the players play against each other, the house usually takes a commission. Many online gaming companies use software from a third-party, so they have no control in writing the software that they use. Also, simple errors like dealing cards, shuffling, or cheating tactics can be avoided. Many people find online casino gaming to be fairer.

Online gaming is available to many people. In most countries, casino gaming is legal. It is true that some have tried to ban online casino gaming because it cannot be regulated properly or it does not profit the government, this includes countries such as the US. Most online casino gaming comes from the Caribbean Islands or countries where the government is in business with the online casino gaming companies. In the US, traditional casinos are only legal in parts of Nevada and New Jersey. There are hundreds of online gaming sites today, and the total world-wide worth of the market for the online gaming industry is an estimated in the billions. The online gaming industry is always growing. The security of online gaming is very reliable. Online casino gaming was started in the mid 90s, so many of the company have been operating for at least a decade. The security systems used online are comparable to banks, so personal information is well protected. In traditional casino gaming, the security is greatly enforced, yet it is not impeccable. Cameras are used throughout casinos, as well as floor security. There are many people who pick pockets and try to cheat the house as well as the other players. Online casino gaming is much safer. There are many benefits to online casino gaming rather than traditional land-based casino games. Society has come a long way from the first known casinos in 1638. We have learned how to overcome the odds, literally and we have found better security in our favourite past-time. Online casino gaming is definitely better than traditional land-based gaming.

By stickystebee
Amy writes for Blue Square Casino