Online bingo is one of the most popular games all over the world. Wherever it goes, players start calling it with different names out of their love for the game. That’s what happed when online bingo in Canada was christened as online Canadian Bingo. Changing the name however doesn’t change the taste of the game. Whatever the name maybe, the charm and thrill of bingo stays the same.

Online bingo in Canada is what is known as the 75 ball bingo all over the world. It is played with 5X5 grid bingo cards having 24 numbers and one empty space.

Like all other bingo sites, online bingo in Canada also offers a wide range of bingo patterns ranging from straight lines to more complicated themed patterns such as, Frankenstein on Halloween, Cupid’s arrow on Valentines Day, Santa Claus on Christmas and many more.

For adventurous Canadian players, Online bingo in Canada has some challenging non-static set of bingo patterns known as crazy patterns. These daring patterns keep moving from 90 ° to 120 ° and from 120 ° to 180 °. So, are you ready to confront these crazy patterns on online bingo in Canada?

Online bingo in Canada is all the more fun with amazing add-ons such as, live chat feature where you can communicate with other bingo players all around the world.

At Online Bingo in Canada you can also enjoy a splendid variety of chat games that are organized by chat hosts in between the regular game of bingo. While your cards are being automatically played, you can have fun collecting the BBs.

Plus, online bingo in Canada is loaded with sumptuous bonus offers every month to provide you with the unique bingo experience online.

So, all you Canadians out there….have fun with topmost bingo games at online bingo in Canada. But remember to select only the upright bingo websites, if you don’t want to spoil the virtual bingo thrill online. All the best and have fun!

By Jeffrey Mcmahon
The author of this article writes about casino and gambling. know more about various casino games and free casino bonus offers