You cannot play Bingo without Bingo cards. Whether you play Bingo online or at your local Bingo hall, you need to buy cards to participate in a game of Bingo. But that’s not the only reason why Bingo cards are important. These cards has helped create a lot of Bingo variants as well. Let’s have a look at different types of Bingo cards in use out there.Bingo scratch cards are very interesting. These cards add additional excitement to Bingo. Usually, pre-selected numbers are coated with a special adhesive that players can scratch off with the help of a coin or something similar. If your card contains the winning numbers, you win the prize. Sometimes, there are hidden prizes on Bingo scratch cards to ramp up the motivation and, of course, the number of prizes.

With the invention of safety Bingo cards in 1987, another Bingo variation called Safety Bingo came on the block. This game is extremely popular at many workplaces as it helps reduce accidents a lot. These Bingo cards look much the same as regular Bingo cards. However, on the other sides of the safety Bingo cards, an organization may print its safety instructions as a ready reckoner for its employees. A Safety Bingo game begins on the very first day of a month. A pattern and a prize money is decided.

Each day a number is picked up and displayed on the board along with the numbers called so far. Also, the prize money increases every day. All participant continue marking numbers on their safety Bingo cards. There’s a catch though. The day an accident occurs, the game is stopped and everything goes back to square one including the prize money! So everyone makes sure the safety precautions are taken by everyone else.You can also create your own variation of Bingo if you can customize Bingo cards. For example, rather than using numbers, you can use the terms related to Christmas and create your very own specialized Christmas Bingo cards. The fun and excitement doubles up in any such venture.

You can customize Bingo cards yourself using a computer program. If you can’t do it yourself, there are plenty of free Bingo cards available on the Internet. All you need to do is to download and print those card in desired size and colors.You can find free Bingo cards regarding plenty of topics. Baby Shower, Celebrities, Sports, Politics, Maths, Science, Christmas, Thanksgiving – Bingo cards are already available for many popular topics.

So there you have it. Bingo cards and the twist and excitement they add to a Bingo variation. Give them a try and see the level of excitement it can help you reach.

By Jeffrey Mcmahon
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