There is, naturally, a distinct difference between playing traditional roulette at the table of a real, brick and mortar casino or playing it online on a home computer. Playing traditional roulette effectively, besides the actual betting on numbers, requires some special skills that can turn out to be a major obstacle for those who are new to the game.

In traditional roulette, the first thing that happens is that the dealer calls out, “Place your bets.” At this point all players must place their chips on the numbers or colors of their choice. All this needs to be done very quickly, because there will be only a few moments before the ball is being dropped into the wheel. There is usually a little bit of an overlap.
In other words, for the first few seconds, while the wheel is spinning, the players will have a few more seconds to place bets, but in short order the dealer will announce that there is to be no more bets.

All this happens very fast, and players are well advised to get their betting done as quickly as possible. New players may feel pressured making bets too hasty, and they might end up making costly mistakes when they play live roulette.

There is a great difference between Las Vegas online roulette at online casino Las Vegas and live action roulette when it comes to pacing and time scale. The biggest difference, of course, is that online roulette has no moving parts; instead it creates a graphical representation of the roulette table on the computer screen.

Another difference, in terms of the betting process, is that the wheel cannot be spun until all players have placed all their bets. When playing online a player can take as much time as required to decide how much money he wants to bet. This is very beneficial for the new player who will be able to get familiar with the game, and take the time to feel out his own roulette rhythm. In the future, whenever they walk into a real casino and sit down with real players they won’t feel the pressure and will not make the mistake of betting more or less money then they should.

Spinning the roulette wheel has always been associated with the concept of luck and chance. The basic roulette game is easy to learn and it does not require special skills to play, but implementing a few strategies and techniques will increase a player’s chance of hitting the price. With a consistently growing number of followers, it is no wonder the game has finally been brought online.

By Ami Taylor
Content Specialist This article brought to you by Vegas Red Online Casino Las Vegas.