Mini Roulette is a miniature but similar version of the European Roulette which has gained ample of popularity. Mini Roulette is very easy to play and can be played by anyone. In this game you can experience the thrill and excitement of a regular roulette game in a smaller version. The Mini Roulette can be played in a smaller window as it only consists of 13 numbers. Mini Roulette has 13 numbered slots, labeled from 0 to 12 in non-sequential order. Mini Roulette is also played like the European Roulette, using a spinning wheel with numbered slots and a numbered table. The wheel is spun counter-clockwise and then a ball is spun clockwise around the wheel. Finally, the ball lands into one of the numbered slots of the wheel. Bets are placed by the players indicated the number or the color on which the ball shall land on.

The Mini Roulette wheel comprises of a fewer numbers as compared to the conventional Roulette wheel. Hence, the cash winning in the mini version is greater than the customary played games.

Mini Roulette includes a special feature of Refund on ‘Zero Feature’. When the ball lands on 0, 50% of bet placed on other numbers are refunded to the player. But Bets placed on 0, including combination bets, pay out normally.

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To place a bet in online casino Mini Roulette, you just need to click on the chip value that you wish to bet on. Later you are to click the area on the table where you wish to place the stake. Every mouse click on the area indicates adding one more chip of the same value to the bet amount. But in case you would like to change the cash value then, you are to click on that desired chip and then after selecting it, the player is to click on the Roulette table where he wishes to place the bet. The player also has the opportunity of placing several chips on various betting areas all at one go. In case you would wish to deselect a bet, then you are required to right click the area from where you would like to replace the chip.

Multiple types of bets can be placed when playing Mini Roulette. Either Inside or Outside bets can be placed. With every spin of the wheel, the player can place multiple bets.

Mini Roulette has an Option toolbar which gives you access to Help, Cashier, and game settings. The routine Roulette game pays off at better odds for a singular win because the odds of getting that number to come up are greater. In Mini Roulette, although there are only 12 numbers that can come up, the payoff is 11:1. There are limitations on the maximum bet allowed in the traditional European Roulette game while in Mini Roulette, there are often no such limits on your maximum bet.

By Sotiris Oraiopoulos
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Author: Sotiris Oraiopoulos