Evolving from the French terminology for the word “Wheel” the gambling game of roulette became popular in the gambling circles from its introduction. Unlike most other games of gambling like the poker, blackjack or others the game is based purely on chance and luck of the player. Of course you could still follow some ground rules to prevent unwarranted losses in Roulette live games but there is no hard and fast rule that could carry you sure success in this chance based game.

In the past the game was mostly played in the brick and concrete casino rooms. Players used to visit the casinos, buy chips and put them on a particular number or a series of numbers as baits. The dealer would then spin the wheel and it would finally roll and the ball will stop on a particular point or colored pocket determining the winner. Many players however found the environment not to their liking. The casino halls normally used to be crowded with people smelling alcohol and cigar. Smoky environment also created allergic feelings in many visitors. In result many people also started dropping the game for good. At the same time in many places the environment was neither safe nor secure. People did not cherish the idea of carrying heavy cash either to or from the casinos. Another concern was driving all the way back to home often in an intoxicated state after consuming a few pegs at the casino. This was the reason for giving rise to the concept of roulette live.

Roulette was first devised in the 18th century France. Primitive form of roulette game was introduced by Blaise Pascal. It is a combination of the wheel games like Roly-Poly, Reiner and few other games. Gradually however the people started getting diverted towards other versions of the games like poker, blackjack and other slot games. Gradually the roulette game started disappearing from the land based casino rooms and ultimately it reappeared online on the Internet in the form of roulette live game.

Various types of bets are used in the game of roulette live. Straight up is a single number bet. Split is a bet on two adjoining numbers either vertical or horizontal. The chip is placed between the numbers. Street is bet on three numbers on single horizontal lines. Corner is bet on four numbers in square layout. Six lines is bet on two adjoining streets and Trio is a bet on intersecting points. There are also outside bets. But the payout is comparatively lower. Such bets are based on the numbers. 1 to 18 is the bet on the first low eighteen numbers coming up. 19 to 36 is the bet on the last high eighteen numbers coming up. Red or black are bets on the color of the roulette wheel. In addition there are even and odd, dozen bets, column bets in the game and all these bets have been adopted in the game of roulette live.

By Dan Roberts II
There was a time when the game of roulette was played in the land based casino rooms. However the game gradually migrated to a very popular online live casino gambling game. Facilities of playing the game from the cool comforts of the player’s own home has made live roulette even more popular today.