There are other competitions on the UFC 114 betting card than just the Quinton Jackson versus Rashad Evans bout, in contrast to what you may imagine or have been led to believe.

You can find, believe it or not, various very stimulating and hopefully very engaging UFC 114 gambling matchups that could supply MMA gambling fans a lot of enjoyment.

Even though the Jackson against Evans UFC 114 betting fight ought to be an enjoyable one there are at least a few other competitions that should grab the interest of UFC gambling fans and possibly even exceed the Main Competition in terms of value. The UFC gambling fight between British Micheal Bisping and American fighter Dan Miller might just steal the MMA gambling show, particularly since there is no way the Jackson v. Evans fight can live up to the buildup.

Michael “The Count” Bisping is amongst the more famous fighters in this UFC 114 gambling competition and an accomplished middleweight fighter. He is furthermore among the most well-known athletes in the UK and will have plenty of encouragement from his fellow Brits at the UFC 114 gambling competition. His competitive proficiencies include numerous sorts of martial arts and kickboxing. He’s fought at the highest level of UFC gambling for the past several years and all his MMA gambling losses have come against the highest level of competition (Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, among others).

The 6 foot 1, 28-year-old Miller was last seen competing in UFC 109. He lost that fight to Demian Maia by unanimous decision.

On paper Bisping should be able to destroy his less experienced UFC betting opponent, Miller (11-3), who will certainly not intimidate Bisping. Miller has nowhere near the MMA gambling experience of Bisping and the UFC 114 gambling event will be just his fourth UFC Main Event and he has a less than ideal 1-3 record against a mixed bag of little known fighters. Miller is a former wrestler who has acquired some martial arts proficiency in the past couple of years and will look to get the fight to the mat. Miller has dangerous ground skills, but is inadequate when it comes to stand up action. Bisping understands this and is devising a fight strategy around it.

“His strength lies in wrestling and jiu-jitsu while my strength is standing. I think that’s also his weak area, that area of the game. I’m gonna keep the fight on my feet and knock him out,” Bisping said.

On the flip side, Miller is eager about his chances in nailing a win vs his more seasoned opponent.

“He’s a tough dude. He’s got a really good record and he’s fought some real tough guys and I’ve got a lot of respect for him. He’s a very good fighter and I’ve got a tough task in front of me, but I’m hoping I come out with a win,” said Miller.

Anticipate Bisping to utilize a controlled game plan and pick his spots in this UFC gambling event. Bisping is the more proficient competitor and if he can manage the speed and make this fight about striking he’ll emerge on top.

By Lynn Smith
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