There is much debate on what is the very best casino game. Entire books have been written extolling the virtues of all the popular casino games. It really doesn-t matter whether or not you play live or online; there will always be a debate.
However, a more important question is what is the best casino game for a beginner? If you are walking into a casino for the first time, or you are playing online for the first time, what game are you best suited for?

Games like poker, which require a specific skillset in addition to luck are probably not what you want to get involved with. You can get lucky, but you can also get in very deep with really good players. So if you enjoy watching it on TV but don-t quite get it, you probably shouldn-t start by playing poker for real money.

Here is the best casino game list for beginners:

Slot machines
. Yes, these can actually be very intricate and complicated, but for the most part, a beginning machine with one line is simple to follow, inexpensive to learn on, and simply involves pushing a button. There is no in-depth strategy or deep thought process, and no poker shark looking to take your money while you learn. Probably the best thing for a beginning to get started with.

Casino War
. Live or online, this game is as easy as the come. Almost everyone played a version of it as a kid. This is a simple best card wins game with a player vs. a dealer. It is the best casino game for someone who wants to face a real dealer for the first time in a real-life casino setting.

. Not much to this one, either. Put some numbers on a card and try to get lucky. Very easy to understand and follow.

. This is a step up from the others because of all the multiple bets, and it can be a little confusing if you have never played before. But the basic concept is simple; the only confusing aspect is the multiple amount of bets. The easiest t thing in the world for a beginning is to sit down and bet on red or black and get even money on the bets. This allows the beginner to make some bets while observing other play at the table. Once you get a better feel, you can begin to try some of these other wagers, but up front, the simplicity of red vs. black makes this an easy game.
Blackjack. While the strategy to making money in this game is complex, a beginner should have a basic understanding of the game itself. Knowing when to split and make moves like that takes time to figure out, but the basic concept of trying to beat the dealer by coming closest to 21 without going over makes this a contender for best casino game for the beginning player

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