Hundreds of meerkat fans queued on London’s Regent Street hoping to be among the first to buy A Simples Life, the first book from the paw of Aleksandr Orlov, founder of

Two hundred and fifty signed copies of the book were snapped up from a pop-up comparethemeerkat shop at 80 Regent Street.

Visitors to the shop, a replica of the one featured in the most recent advertisement, were also able to compare meerkat paintings and view original artefacts from Aleksandr’s mansion.

Kurt Schofield from Exeter, who is studying at the University of Westminster, queued from 7:30am to be one of the first in line to buy a signed copy: “I followed Aleksandr on Twitter for ages and saw the news about the shop and I wanted to make sure I got hold of a signed copy. It worked out perfectly for me because Thursday is the only day I don’t have lectures. The shop is fantastic and all the Aleksandr memorabilia is great! How could you not love him!”

The book launch is one of the most eagerly anticipated literary events of the year. By Thursday morning A Simples Life had reached No.2 in the Amazon Best Sellers chart.

“I am bristle with pride and delightment that peoples are buy my book, but I am not shock because it is very thrillsy and elegantly dictated. Thank you my fans for make my success and remember: early worms can get specials limit edition sign copy of book from at premium Monopoly location 80 Regent Street in London.”

“Aleksandr is quickly establishing himself as a strong contender for the bestselling autobiography of the year,” said Neil Campbell, books manager at Ltd.

Aleksandr wrote A Simples Life; My Life & Times as part of his efforts to stem the tide of misdirected traffic to his website from people looking for cheap deals on car insurance at

The book is published by Ebury Press (RRP £9.99) and is available from all good bookshops and online book store.

“In honour my ancestors, I wish to inspire next generation of young businesskats,” explains Aleksandr. “I am hope that this book will show what can come of courage, hard work and a good fur-care regime.”

A Simples Life is a roller-coaster ride through the history of Aleksandr’s ancestors, their early life in the Kalahari, their flight to Russia, the battles with mongoose hordes, fortunes made and lost, the early days of meerkat comparison, cheating muskrats and much, much more.

A YouTube film promoting the book has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

In Aleksandr’s own words (from the book)

* On fashion; “My wardrobe contains many cravats made of purest silk from free range silkworms. I also have some spun by specials Croatian glow-worms so I can find way to toilet at night”

* On muskrats; “Never play baccarat with a muskrat”

* On his legacy; “When they make movie of my life, I would like Emilio Estevez to play me, and Danny DeVito to play Sergei. There is no negotiation on this”

* On his early music career: “I would always sing same song. ‘Are You Think I’m Sexy?’. It was a big chart hit at the time and very thought provoking…”

* On Sergei: “Sergei very good driver – he can make drive from mansion to front gate in only 25 minutes now”

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