We’ve all done it – the search for the perfect gift – for the man who has everything. It’s a daunting task. The majority of men are really just boys at heart so why not start with games, gadgets, entertainment and cars?

The Ultimate Gaming Room

Game rooms are the ultimate gift for any man and especially those with a competitive streak. Whether it’s high tech, billiards, poker or a themed board-games room, the same planning processes occur. What is the theme? What furniture does it need? Fitting ideal lighting is imperative and most important of all, what does the fridge need to contain and who’s going to keep it stocked?

Game rooms are in a state of perpetual development, which makes creating one an expensive exercise. Collecting and tracking down rare collectable games will also remain a lifelong commitment for some.

In addition to purchasing the mandatory PS3, Xbox360, wireless controllers and the HDTV support, LAN scoreboard and Wii, you might also want to explore alternative game options in the quest to create the definitive games room.

For starters, a 3-in-1 mahogany game table: chess, checkers and backgammon, converts to reveal an eight-seat casino-style card table which includes four luxurious leather game chairs is a must.

An 8-foot power air-hockey table that features overhead electronic scoring and full arcade size and quality from Every Game Room could set you back at least $2,999.00!

For avid foosball fans, the Shelti – PRO Foos III Home Foosball Table is an outstanding gift at $1,635.00.

Then again, the 30 inch Roulette wheel, from The Game Room Store at $4,017.14 will certainly do the trick.

A dedicated gaming pc and a wireless network is an absolute must to bookmark all the board gaming sites and board-gaming news.

The Ultimate Home Entertainment Room

For the man who values relaxation, a well-designed and fully equipped home entertainment room is the perfect gift. Nothing says luxury and wealth better than a contemporary home entertainment room sporting the very latest high-tech gadgets.

The 52 inch Sony Bravia LCD HDTV at $2,135.50 is great for eye-popping visuals but imagine a private home cinema: ear-pleasing audio entertainment with crystal clear sound, powerful sound effects and a deeper base to make any discriminating audio enthusiast’s heart beat faster. Integrating a gaming element into a home entertainment room with the Xbox, PS3 and Wii is a given.

Home entertainment rooms and systems are all about design and aesthetics and every man needs a favourite chair! Opulent dark brown leather embodies both style and quality. Alternatively, you could splash out on an indispensable lounger that not only functions as a comfortable recliner, but massages at the same time!

Whether a man relishes contemporary luxury or prefers classic elegance and style, gaming and home entertainment rooms will always have universal appeal and are sure to be a gift that provides a life-time of entertainment.

Considering the ultimate game and multimedia home entertainment room could set you back as much as $6 million, this might be a little out of reach for average the girl in the street. As an alternative, you may want to consider buying him a lottery ticket.

In that way, if he wins, he can spend his fortune on all the toys his heart desires and leave you to get on with spoiling yourself – it is after all the thought that counts.

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