Out of all the betting games, roulette is perhaps the oldest in the world. It is a game where one needs little skill and lot of luck. The live roulette TV game consists of a studio in which the black and red roulette wheel with golden frame is placed, there is a camera pointing at the wheel at all times. The wheel used is the same one used in most casinos around Europe and it has number slots (0 to 36). A croupier has a ball which he/she spins in one direction and the roulette wheel in the other. The ball starts spinning around the wheel gradually losing momentum and finally settles down on one numbered slot. The people playing live roulette TV bet on certain number according to the rules of the game. Once the ball settles on one number, people who placed their bet on that particular number win. This is how roulette is played in conventional casinos and the TV version is no different which makes it very exciting indeed.

Live Roulette TV is actually a live game show of roulette meant for people residing in UK. It is a game of roulette which is aired on TV by Super Casino on Sky, Freesat and the UK’s free to view digital format known as Freeview. The game is aired 24 hours with a main part of the show during peek viewing hours and an automatic wheel in the small hours of the morning. From 6pm to 4am it is live and from 4am to 6pm it is auto wheel. When the live croupier is not present the game is set on auto wheel where the wheel is air powered and creates the same situation as the real wheel. The automatic wheel has been fully tested and complies to legal status.

Live roulette TV uses a real casino wheel and is played exactly the same way as roulette is played conventionally. So you don’t have to learn the game if you already know it. The Live Roulette TV has a wheel, ball, and a croupier. The croupier spins both the ball and the wheel for the result. They use the single zero and 1 to 36 slot for the numbers on the wheel. A camera is focused on the movements so that viewers get a clear picture of the result.

You can watch the live game on TV on the above channels or you can watch it on the Internet-live. You have to register yourself on the website and play online or you can call for placing bets. You can play free game with 500 free chips to get to know the game better after you sign up and register. Once you get used to playing the live game you can deposit money for the chips through debit card or credit card. The new live roulette TV players get a free bonus on joining and depositing. To play the game you have to be a UK national and over the age of 18.

By Andrew Fullard
The writer of this article likes live roulette online games and to watch live roulette tv programs which are shown on UK television.