To have an enjoyable and pleasant game of live roulette it is very important to observe certain etiquettes around the roulette table. It is essential that you are aware of these etiquettes before you start playing roulette. As roulette is becoming popular day by day because of the simple nature of the game, the roulette tables in the casinos are crowded with people everyday. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere it is important to know the roulette etiquettes.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing live roulette online or at a real casino the rules remain the same however this article mostly focuses on a real situation game. Firstly, you cannot place a bet if a game is in progress. You have to wait till the present game is over. Between the two spins there is about 60 seconds in which you have to place your bets. After the croupier spins the wheel you still have a few seconds to place the bet. After this when the croupier raises his hands and says ‘no more bets’ then you must stop putting any more bets and wait for the present game to be over.

When the ball finally drops into a colored slot the croupier marks the number on the table with a marker to show the winning number clearly for everyone. After that he removes all the losing chips and pays off the winning chips. During this time it is wrong to touch the chips.

Every player of live roulette is given particular colored chips to play which distinguishes the player from the others. This is done to avoid confusion and reduce the chances of cheating. Be sure to play live roulette with your chips only. You cannot borrow chips from your friend or family during a game to form a bet. This rule is enforced for the good of the players so that no one can steal away another person’s chips.

You should not hold up the game and waste people’s time when making your live roulette bet or bets. You should buy your chips well in advance and not at the last moment. You could put down the money on the table and ask for the chips of the same value. For example, you could put down $100 and ask for ten, $10 chips. The etiquette says that you are not to give the money in the hands of the croupier. When you want to leave the table you push your chips toward the croupier and say ‘color’. The croupier will convert your colored chips to normal chips which have value in other tables or you can exchange them for money if you are planning to leave the casino.

Be courteous toward the croupier, do not misbehave on the table by chatting about inappropriate topics and if you are at a real casino do not throw your bets on the table, and if you are doing really well it is customary to tip the dealer after every ten games or so. These are some common etiquettes that are to be followed to make a live roulette evening pleasant for everyone.

By Andy Fullard
The author lives in the UK and writes articles about live roulette uk and loves to live roulette online at casino websites.