I decided that the time had come to work some magic on my casino playing and try my luck at the “It’s Good to Be Bad” online slot. Boy, was this good! Contrary to my past beliefs, I suddenly found that it could actually be good to be bad with this Real Time Gaming slot entertainment. I would like to share my unique slot experience with you.

This online three reel slot game, with its bars, cherries and sevens, has a progressive jackpot. Unlike other slot games where you may cross fingers, toes and anything else possible in order to attempt to line up the reels on the slot and hopefully win – this game is totally different. Here, you want to keep losing in order to give you a chance to collect the progressive jackpot. Is that crazy or what? At this game, you can actually benefit by losing and continuing to lose! It goes like this – if you keep losing for 29 consecutive spins, then the progressive jackpot will be yours. It may sound wild but believe me, this produces an exciting pursuit.

The number of losing spins that you obtain will be shown on a Loss Meter on your screen. Once you manage to lose four consecutive spins, then you will receive a free winning spin. Bear in mind that if you have good or bad luck, which ever way you look at it and win instead of lose a spin, your Loss Meter will return to zero and the progressive jackpot will seemingly retreat into the distance.

The “It’s Good to be Bad” slot has the appearance of a traditional one arm bandit, except that it has two arms, one at each side. In keeping with the bad side of things, a devil figure is featured on the slot machine screen. This devil character shows how many more losses are needed until you reach another free winning spin. You may cash in your gathered free winning spins when you wish however, once you utilize your free winning spins you will not earn a loss point for that turn. On the other hand, if you do win a turn before cashing in, any free winning spins will be lost for ever. The strategy is up to you – but basically if you want to have a chance for the big jackpot, you need to hope for bad luck and aspire to lose.

I have to confess that playing the thrilling “It’s Good to be Bad” slot did not actually make me feel that bad, as I had a whole lot of fun. So, as for being bad I will have to look elsewhere, but I did enjoy great entertainment. What more can I say? Aim to lose at this fun slot game and have a good time.

By Will Win
Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. For the best Online Casino Visit http://www.casino-magic.org