Online casinos are more convenient to play in than the brick and mortar casinos. The reason is that you do not have to travel to Las Vegas to play your favourite casino games as well as you can play anywhere where there is an internet connection. And thanks to the launch of mobile versions of the online casinos now it is not a problem to wager on the go. This means that anyone may play 24/7 seven days a week. Get your favourite cocktail, arm yourself with calculator or proper casino game expected return and variance calculator and start beating the casinos.

If you dislike playing in the noisy casino hall and wish to play along, online casino are just for you. We have to accept that laziness is in our nature; we are lazy to go shopping, too lazy to get up from the comfortable couch, too lazy to… Well, online casinos are also a paradise for lazy people (or very busy). Play without leaving your home, apartment, without getting up from your favourite chair, all these options give us online casinos.

Brick and mortar casinos have so many expenses to pay such as electricity, water bills, dealers, waiters, managers, security etc, and it is obvious that they collect the money from us reducing our chances of winning. On the other hand online casinos invest these expenses directly in the potential players giving away casino bonus incentives. These incentives decrease the house edge and give the players more chances of winning.

The variety of the casino games in online casino is much wider than in the offline ones, in fact online you would be able to find casino games that are not exist in the brick and mortar casinos.

Fantastic jackpots are waiting for the online players to be challenged, the amount of which exceeds many offline casinos jackpots. Besides of huge jackpots the gambling houses offer tons of casino bonus incentives. The variety of the casino bonus promotions depends on the house management fantasy limits.

However it is worth to mention that not all casino bonus promotions are profitable for the players. It is easy to calculate if the player gets an advantage over the house being rewarded by the house with a casino bonus.

Generous and fair gambling houses always trying to keep the balance of not hurting loyal players and weaning off the casino bonus hunters. Also there plenty online casinos in the net that would be happy to offer new players whatever they wish even such big casino bonuses as if they were from over the moon. Playing at these online casinos would definitely result in the lost of the deposit. Unfortunately we live in the world of the hunters: casino bonus hunters and the hunters for the new players’ deposits.

That is why professional players prefer to play at long established reputable houses. Also, if you prefer not to share with other people your passion to the casino games, online casinos would never disclose your hobby. As we can see; we have all reasons to beat casinos and milk online money.

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