From the poker software it uses to its customer service, from its reputation to its history in the business, the poker site you sign up with has a major impact on your Internet poker experience as a whole. Although numerous criteria can be used when searching for a quality Internet poker site, in the present article we will focus on the ones that are considered most relevant. Here are the main factors that speak about a site’s character, credibility, dependability, versatility and competitiveness:

– Poker Software

The type of software used typically reveals the quality and reliability of any Internet poker site in the industry. Since all of your actions on the site depend on the software installed, to make the most of your online poker game experience you first need to find yourself a smooth running poker client.

– Playing Activity

Player traffic and overall playing activity also stand out as important factors when it comes to a solid Internet poker site. Even if a site is run using amazing software, it is worthless unless it maintains a good level of member activity. Ideally, major online poker rooms should be able to attract players day and night, so look for a prominent resource that can make this happen.

– Poker Game Variety

In case you are a sold out fan of Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker games, then chances are you don’t particularly care about the aspect of variety. However, if you are also into less common games such as Razz or Five Card Draw, you should look for a poker site with a comprehensive offer that includes options of the kind.

– Customer Service

While the regular Internet poker experience rarely depends on customer service, when you do need to contact the PR department of your poker site, it is nice to know that you will get a prompt response and that your requests will be properly catered to. When it comes to customer service, make sure the poker site provides a phone line or live chat for instant feedback.

– Bonuses and Prizes

Internet poker bonuses and prizes can sometimes be deceiving, especially when they are conditioned by the size of the original deposit. Poker sites rarely give away free prizes, so before opening an account with a particular portal, make sure you read the bonus and prize section carefully to familiarize yourself with its clearing policies and requirements.

– Player Competitiveness

If you are looking to make money fast and have an easy time in online poker games, see that the poker site you choose attracts players that are less experienced than you are. By contrast, for a challenging experience, don’t hesitate to pick a site that mainly attracts professional, well-seasoned players.

– VIP Incentives

This factor mainly addresses high-caliber players who can afford to try their hand at high stake games on a regular basis. The more money you put in and the better established you are as a member, the bigger the size of the rewards you become eligible for.

In conclusion, prominent poker sites should meet all of the above characteristics, but if you want to try out newer or smaller online poker rooms as well, you should exercise caution when investigating them. While most Internet poker resources are reputable and safe, newly emerged poker rooms involve a certain level of risk unless they can prove their credibility with legal certificates and are open to answering any service-related questions from players.

By Groshan Fabiola
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