There are those who say that knowing how to count is all that you really need to know when you sit down to play some blackjack. Yet it wasn’t that long ago that if you stared to count cards at a land casino, you could find yourself with some pretty serious problems. Casinos don’t like players that take advantage of their hospitality by trying to dupe the house by “counting cards” Yet there is no cheating involved in counting cards, it’s just that you need to have an absolutely phenomenal memory to make it pay in the long term.

Since the advent of online casinos, card counting has become a part of history. The reason being that in the virtual word dealer’s always only play with one pack, where in a land casino they usually have either two or four full packs in the shoe. In some land casinos, especially the Vegas ones, you might even find eight packs in a shoe.

The truth is that playing blackjack online is a much more enjoyable experience. Who needs to suffer trying to play your favourite game of blackjack in a crowded and noisy casino, when you can be doing the same in the comfortable surroundings of your own home? You can play blackjack anytime you want, dressed in what feels the most comfortable in and without worrying about whether to tip the dealer.

Playing blackjack online is an all over enjoyable experience as well as being totally stress free. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the action, and hope that lady luck is a little on your side. Blackjack is what you want to hit, and don’t forget, that playing against only one pack per hand. the chances that you will hit one are greatly decreased. What you also shouldn’t forget is that the same rule applies to the bank, and there are many more options to play for.

That means that you can’t always rely on the dealer busting, and you also have a better chance of making a higher score with lots of low value cards around then in an online blackjack.

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