Do you like to play bingo? Is the usually crowded bingo hall bothers you? Would like to learn how to play bingo? It might be a wise idea to play bingo online. A similar game to the traditional bingo that is very popular online is called 75 bingo: you have people playing against you, there is a jackpot, you will get bingo cards, you also have a bingo caller and daubers.

You need to learn all the terms that is used in 75 bingo before playing it and trying win it. These are as follows:

Bingo Card

This will the card that you will be playing with. You will find a grid on the card with five horizontal blocks and five vertical blocks and contains the word bingo on the top. All of the letters head a column while the remainder of the grid is full of random numbers thatrange between 1 all the way to 75. Every card has a vacant box in the middle which is the free box and which could be used in forming the patterns needed to win since it is already a covered box.


A win in bingo game needs you to cover the card numbers in the cell and form a certain pattern which is already pre-determined. Numerous patterns can be used in a bingo game including blackouts and complete card covered games.

Bingo Caller

The one who calls out the numbers needed to form the pattern in a bingo game is known as the bingo caller.


You can possibly talk to the game master and other online players while playing online bingo. You can possibly have some fun in the several chat rooms which you will be able to join.

Since you are now aware of the terms frequently used in online bingo, here are several rules and instructions to start with:

The first thing you need to do is to buy your bingo cards. You will need to search your card once the bingo caller has called out the number and try to find out from the column of the letter called if you have that number. If the number called is in your card, then you can cover it up. You will then have to keep playing until you or somebody will form the pattern for the game and the very first to complete it will win. And that’s it.

Generally, the jackpot will based on the amount of the bingo cards bought and the number of players playing the game. There are also games that the jackpot is pre-determined and the number of available players would not matter.

75 ball bingo is fast turning into a very preferred game online. As more and more people are playing online, the jackpot amounts are also getting bigger. Many people who likes bingo are opting to stay home and play online as fuel prices continue to soar. Everybody will now have the chance to meet friends in the bingo hall that shares the same interest which makes it an excellent way to spent time!

By Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith