Bachelorette parties Atlantic City

There have been some rumblings that all the young ladies in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia have been celebrating their bachelorette parties Atlantic City style. For whatever reason the rise of the Borgata hotel and casino and all the new clubs make this now one of the top locations making any Atlantic City bachelorette parties planning an easy choice. I went down with a bachelorette party to get the whole feel on what a typical bachelorette party Atlantic City theme would be from beginning to end. I traveled with these ladies to start our adventure one Friday evening; we came from Long Island and took a limo, and on the way down, the drinking began. I noticed after a couple of shots and some champagne theses women were ready to let their hair down. I could see that this bachelorette parties Atlantic City theme would be even wilder then I even would imagine.

Atlantic City Casino

When we arrived at the casino the girls were already a little tipsy the plan was to check in our rooms and meet at eight o’clock for dinner at Carmines restaurant then go to The Taj Mahal from there. I was told that the girls had some very cheesy bachelorette games they wanted to play with the future bride who would include a blow up man amongst other things. I was not to be invited to this bachelorette party ritual and I understood. When we met up later for dinner these girls were even crazier then I had left them and the bride had on a veil a s well as this bachelorette t-shirt on. I could see how easy this bachelorette parties Atlantic City theme could get to the next level.

Dinner and Drinks

We went to Carmines and had a five star dinner at The Tropicana. I listened to these girls swap stories of the high school years and joke with the bride of all the former boyfriends she had
in her past. At this time is where I noticed all the girls felt very comfortable with me as if I was one of the girls. Which I thought was great because I was starting to see their true personalities. We then proceeded to the night club which was also crowded with other bachelorette parties as well as your typical single crowd. I was also informed that the bride had a list of tasks she had to achieve before the night ended. This was everything I thought it would be and more. I had more fun then I even imagined I would. The casino offered us even more entertainment and free rounds of drinks. One of the perks to hanging around the craps table was the constant awareness of our bachelorette party by happy party goers with the focus on our bachelorette.

Bachelorette Party Entertainment

As a kicker some of the girls found a male exotic dancer by way of the hotel reception and scheduled him to dance for the bride. The male dancer arrived at the craps table and told us we had to leave the casino floor due to the fact that we were all drunk. Reluctantly we were escorted to a lounge area where music started blaring and he started on his routine. The strip show was very fun and light hearted and just what the doctor ordered.
At the end of the evening we were all dragging our butts and I could not wait to go to bed in my room. It was now the wee hours of the morning but I did get the full feel why anyone would and should celebrate their bachelorette parties Atlantic City style.

By tracy james
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