You do not have to be a surgeon brain to win a game of roulette. Roulette is a game of chance; there is no fancy mathematical combination that will allow you to gain an edge or to win every time. Use these Roulette Methods as an experiment; pick an online casino and play a bunch of games and see if they work for you. Be geared to enjoy your success while gambling. Here’s how:

1. Roulette is a fun game; first and most important tip is to have fun while playing your favorite game.

2. Before you wager any money, download a free trial game of Roulete. Practice the game a number of times and make sure that you are really comfortable and understand how to play. This is a great way to experiment without any cost or any loss.

3. Ok, so now that you are really ready to play. Find a game of European roulette, best wheel to play. The odds of winning at this wheel are increased because the wheel has one less number than do other Roulette wheels.

4. If your goal is to win some money and have fun playing, don’t blow all of your money in one bet.

5. Split it up into smaller amounts so that you can last longer and get to enjoy yourself more.

6. Start out with Even Money bets, such as red/black or low/high bets. It’s tempting to start with a straight up bet that has huge odds like 35:1, but you will probably lose your money so it’s not worth risking.

Playing roulette live at a casino, keep these couple other tips in mind:

1. If you have noticed that one number is being spun more often than the others out of around 100 spins then you may have what is called a biased wheel.

2. When playing at a casino you should also pay close attention to the dealer.

I advice you strongly never to bet with money you can’t afford to lose, don’t even try so!

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By John Jacob Muller
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