Winning in a game fueled mostly by chance requires a lot of luck and a strong bankroll. On top of the two, there should be some form of common sense. A few dosage of intelligence may give a player an idea on what to do next with their roulette chips. If you’re someone who wants to play better roulette and win more than what nonsensical players do, then here are some points you may want to consider to make your roulette games more entertaining, if not profitable.

Consider the Odds

Every type of bets has their own payout and odds, the higher the payout the lesser the odds you win with your bets. It’s your job as a player to determine the odds of winning and estimate how much you are going to win or lose in the long run. Try striking a balance between the two determinants. Some people advise new player to try wagering on even-money bets as they have one of the highest expected value in the long run.

Consider the Table

The Roulette table where you play is one of the earliest determinants of the expected gain or lose of one player. While they may seem to be the same, always remember that the American roulette carries lesser odds for the player, which means the table has a higher edge compared to its European counterpart. This means a player gets to lose more in American Roulette than in European Roulette. So if you’re playing roulette to win, you might want to settle on a table that gives a little bit more odds in your favor.

Consider the Edge

Never underestimate the effect of house edge in your bankroll. House edge rates like 1.35%, 2.5%, 5.26 and 7.89% may not mean so much, but given the number of hands, it sure packs a wallop in your bankroll. You may be winning once every few hands, but you could be losing it on house as well, and worse, you can’t do anything about it. Player who doesn’t care about the house edge and its effect in their game usually finds himself empty-handed in the roulette table.

Consider En Prison and La Partage

Apart from the even-money bets, one thing you should look into is the En Prison and La Partage rules. En Prison rule allows the player to either lose half of his chips or to let his chips sit for another round when the ball hits Zero. In La Partage, the players are automatically given back half of the chips they have bet. This provides players with lesser house advantage, which means players lose a lot lesser when there is La Partage and En Prison rules in effect. These rules provides player with more advantage over the house and could help spell the difference between winning and losing money. Not all casino implements the rule, so ask first if they have En Prison or La Partage rules before you play.

By Evan Kingsley
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