Roulette is a casino game where there is a wheel having numbers and it is spinning. A ball is spun in the wheel and the number on which the ball rests is the winning number. In roulette players can bet on one particular number or on a range of numbers, on the color black or red or if the number is even or odd. A croupier or dealer is a casino employee who helps the players pay for the bets and also helps them during the play. To find out the final winning number computer software are used that employ some programs. In online live roulette TV, however, there are proper roulette table, ball, and dealers just like conventional roulette.

To play online roulette you can use one of the websites offering the game, they are usually very easy to find and all you need do is use you favorite search engine to discover one. You might need to download software to start playing the game. Once the game is downloaded and installed in the machine you can start playing online roulette. You will need to create an account on the website. Once you log into the site you might be given some joining bonus and you might wait to hit the special jackpot.

The websites you use let you win huge amounts of money if you have luck on your side to get the right number or color. The prizes are given out very easily and fast. This is licensed and regulated entertainment. There are ways to communicate through live chats, phone calls and emails.

There are certain strategies that you can follow to play the game of roulette. You can continue betting on the same number or the same color to win. It is a very social game. For online roulette it is advised that you play free online roulette for as long as you get the basics of the game clear and then go after the paid versions of the game. After becoming a regular player of online roulette you can try to win the big jackpots that are on offer.

In Live Roulette, after you bet for a number the wheel is set to rotate. Now when the ball lands on one of the numbered slots and the wheel stops to rotate then the number that appears is the number for which you win or lose. In online roulette the winning number is decided with the help of an automated software or random number generator.

By Andy Fullard
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