Live roulette TV has become successful these days. That is because it offers people a chance to play a real game of roulette right at the comfort of his own home. This allows him to gamble and play without having to step out of his own house and leaving for the casino. This allows him to avoid the dangers of taking out a large sum of money–large sums are needed if you want to play a sustained game at the casino–because he’s playing at his home.

How can one play live roulette TV? It’s quite simple. Despite the obvious difference in location, playing live roulette TV is no different from playing roulette in a casino. You just make a bet on a combination of two numbers, and then you watch where the silver ball lands in the roulette wheel. If your combination is similar to the one where the ball landed, then you’ve landed in a jackpot. You win the game. That’s all there is to it.

You can see now how it is to play roulette. There’s no proven strategy that you can attribute to a winning game. It all depends on the luck factor. There are, however, some strategies that have been employed by some players all over the world and are dubbed to be effective. Let us look at each of them first.

The Visual Ballistics

Like its name suggests, this involves predicting the movement of the ball through physics. You look at how the ball is thrown and you predict where it is likely to land by predicting the curve of its flight. However, you can only do this after the ball has been launched. Since, in roulette, the ball is usually launched after bets have been made, this technique can be made invalid. In cases where bets can be made after the ball is launched, dealers can notice when this technique is employed and may think you are cheating.

Bias Analysis

This method of betting is based on a technicality. This also requires several tries to accomplish. Simply put, bias analysis is watching if the roulette table has some sort of defect that you can use to try to predict the ball’s landing as much as possible. You cannot do that in live roulette TV or even in offline casinos, because roulette tables are continually maintained by management.

However, you can see that these so-called strategies are not as effective as they are expected to be. You shouldn’t waste your time on these so-called strategies as they don’t work in live roulette TV. What you should be thinking is how you can play an enjoyable game of live roulette TV.

For starters, you can bring some friends over. Without friends, you are simply just sitting back and watching a game of roulette in your living room. You’re not playing; you’re simply watching. Of course, you can enjoy yourself for the first few hours guessing where the ball is going to land and say you’re right when you guess the spot or otherwise wonder where you went wrong if you didn’t.

In order to really enjoy a game of live roulette TV, you need people that you can bet with. You should bring some friends over. With them, you can make bets with each other just like you would in a casino. The best thing is that you can do other things that would be otherwise disallowed in a real casino. For starters, you can have some bottles of beer ready so the game can be more fun and more rowdy that it would be if you were playing in a real-life casino. You can also have some barbecue ready.

By Dan Roberts II
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