The difference between live online roulette tables and their real versions is obvious: the latter is REAL! Yes, that is the only major difference between them. The online roulette tables are a simulation of the real ones and are indeed very similar by the structure and look. In fact, some of the online roulette tables look just like their real counterparts!

But then, as is the case with anything virtual, an live online roulette table lacks the ‘feel’ of the real casino. Basically, in an online roulette table, you are given virtual chips with their denominations mentioned somewhere on the screen. You need to place them on the slot that you are betting on. An advantage that online roulette gives you is the peaceful atmosphere. Since you are not in a distractive, noisy, colorful and crowded casino, you can relax and put your mind on the game. You can analyze and make bets. Moreover, in live online roulette tables, all your calculations are automatically done on one side of the screen. You can constantly view the amount you’ve won, lost, current bet and total betting amount. Thus in an online roulette table you can be more calculative and thus have lesser chances of making mistakes.

But nothing can replace the ‘feel’ of being in a real life casino: the dazzling setting, the excitement, the people, the noise, the electrifying atmosphere! People travel far and wide to be in a casino. Of course, it isn’t possible for everyone to be in a real casino and for them; the online roulette tables are a good deal. In fact, live online roulette can be played free of cost on certain websites while for real roulette, you need to put in some money. No one will let you play for free in Las Vegas! So if you just want to learn roulette and have no money to spare for gambling, go for online roulette. But if you want to have an experience of a lifetime and be a part of this historic game in its truest sense, go for a real roulette table in a casino!

Though it may seem that since online roulette offers you more peace of mind and time for calculation no one can land up losing too much money, it is not correct! Precisely due to this, people may go on betting beyond what they should as online casinos are available always at the click of a button.

Another major difference is the amount of time between spins. In a real roulette table there is a lot of time between each spin as everything is manually done. Thus, the live online roulette table offers a fast version for those who haven’t got all the time in the world.

By Kenny Wilson
The author lives in the UK and loves to play live online roulette during his spare time, for more info on the brilliant game of live roulette please visit his site.