The home of so many casino games, France, is also the land to thank for the exciting game of live roulette. The game, in all its entirety, came from France. Its name was even adopted from a French word meaning “small wheel”. The first roulette game was originally played at an improvised casino in France during the seventeenth century. However, the game was still much different from the roulette game that we know today. The biggest difference is mainly because the first roulette table was created only afterwards, during the 1800’s.

Despite the famous origins of live roulette, some people claim that the game was actually based on a Chinese game of old. But due to the lack of details, the story was not proved and the French origin of the game was accepted worldwide. However, no matter where the game came from, all that matters to casino players is that it was invented. Casino gambling, and online gambling as well, will not be complete without a live roulette game.

The most amazing thing about roulette is that it was able to retain most of its original form. The basic rules of the roulette game we love to play nowadays are still the basic rules that surrounded the game when it just started. Several years after the conception of roulette, the original game was still being played. Unlike most other casino games, roulette did not receive much modification. Maybe this is because the game is already as exciting as it can get.

The only major change that occurred to the game was the addition of the zero pocket. This, however, happened long after the game was invented. It already had quite a following when this change was implemented. This is shown by the mere reason why the casinos decided to add the zero. It turns out that the zero pocket increases the house’s advantage. For the same reason, yet another zero was added to the game later on. The second zero was added when the game first debuted in the United States. This popularized the two variations of roulette, one involving one zero and the other involving two, as the European and the American versions, respectively.

There are other differences between what is now known as the European roulette and the American roulette. However, like the difference in the number of zeros, the differences between the two forms of roulette are very minor and do not really affect the game that much. Another distinct difference is that the European roulette table is bigger than the American roulette table. As a result, a rake is used to clear out the contents of the European table while the American table can be cleared simply with the dealer’s own hand.

Despite the minor differences, the important thing is that roulette is still what it originally was. The basic rules did not change. The procedures in playing the game also remained the same. The test of time is the true test of how good the live roulette game is. And the game passed with flying colors.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan writes original informative articles about many of the live roulette casinos that are now available in the UK. You can play at a live dealer casino and get exciting bonuses for first time deposits.