Roulette is a casino game which means a little wheel. There are two different types of roulette tables, the American table and the European table. The European roulette game was originally called the French roulette. First it was played only as a means of entertainment. But then it moved across all the French casinos.
The roulette wheel does not have a 00 like the American wheel as mentioned earlier, it has a single zero. This acts as an advantage for the player. There are certain rules while playing the European roulette. “La Partage” means that half of the money on the even money bets are returned if the house hits the 0. Another rule is the ‘en prison’ rule. According to this rule if the ball lands on 0, the bets are imprisoned. This means that they are held until the next spin. If in the next round the bet wins, the money is returned to the player without winnings. This is how the European roulette is played.
But this game has gone beyond the boundaries of the casinos. Today the European online roulette is a favourite among many. This is very easy to understand knowing that playing online roulette is very convenient as it can be played anywhere where internet is available. You can have a look at the game rules whenever you want. Since you are playing roulette online, you have the freedom to pause the game when you like and come back to it later. Another advantage is that the player has enough time on his hands to make decisions on placing the bets and even clearing debts. Money transactions can also be done online and you do not require carrying cash about. But before you start betting with actual money, you also have the options of playing free games to get a hang of it.
The rules for playing the European online roulette are the same as on an actual casino table. And there are websites that offer you a variety of tables from the mini to the French version. Each version has its own variations and benefits. But knowing the specific rules of the European roulette played in a casino or European online roulette game is very important and be sure that both these types will give you immense pleasure from playing one of the best games of luck.

By Jessica Thomson
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