The title suggest a self explanatory option when you are to enter in an online casino site. Basically, there are two modes you can choose when you play in an internet casino. The first is for fun mode and the second will be the real money play. To help you make up your mind, read some information so to find what mode of casino play fits you best.

Play For Fun or Practice Play Casino

This play for fun option in a casino site is added so that players can have a quick try on the games offered. This will let the players practice for a limited time of the chosen game and then maybe decide on whether he/she will continue to play for the real cash. It is highly advisable that before a player go straight in downloading the software and playing for real cash, that he must take the practice play first so as to let him know if he’ll enjoy the game as it progresses. It is hard to refund a deposit to a real money play when the time comes that you are not already enjoying the casino game. So experience a free trial first before you made a purchase for credits.

Usual Steps in Running a Practice Play

If you want to have the play for fun mode for online casino, here are the usual steps that you have to follow.

First, download the online casino software and then install it in your computer. Next is to launch or run the casino application on your desktop. Create a player account in case you haven’t got one. Last thing is to sign in to the fun mode of the casino by clicking the Free Play or Practice button that tells you to play the practice mode. If you are to play in a no-download casino, you just have to create an account and then sign in, no need to download any software.

Real Money Mode Game Play at Online Casinos

Playing for real money in online casinos will get you the right to enter into games and play for real money. This is a good opportunity to win cash when you win in any of the casino game. Your winnings will be added to your bankroll and you can use it again for game deposits or choose to make a cash out. However, if you are to play real money, there is the chance of you losing real money. High payouts are available to most online casinos that means you can also win big but the losing stake can also be that high if you are not that cautious of your bet.

Usual Steps in Running a Real Money Mode

Here are the usual measures when you are to play for real money in online casinos.

Download the casino software and install it in your computer. Launch the casino application. Create a real player account if you haven’t got any. After that, you can now sign in by ticking Real Money, Money, or any similar button that tells you to play for real money. Visit the cashier or banking section of the casino site by clicking on the “Cashier” or “Bank” button. Make a deposit through the available banking options specified in the online casino payment derivatives. You can now set out playing after you have made your deposit.

By Dave Newgates
Dave Newgates writes casino-related articles to help you learn more about online casino gambling, the top online casinos and casino games.