Bingo, the popular online game which is a rage all over the world, originated in the fifteenth century as a game played with wooden planks and beans, and it was indeed difficult at that time to visualize the technological revolution which has made online bingo games the high-tech entertainment it is today, being played in millions of homes.

Bingo’s journey from Italy

Bingo originated in the fifteenth century in Italy where it was played as a weekly lottery game. It became massively popular by the end of the fifteenth century and caught up in France. The bingo games had an innate ability to capture people’s attention, and it became a carnival game in Germany, from where it traveled to American, known as Beano.

Bingo came to America as a tent game played in carnivals, and it was known as Beano. Edwin S Lowe, the founder of the modern bingo, saw it being played in 1929 in a carnival in Atlanta. Lowe played the game with his friend and realized it had huge potential to become universally popular.

Pretty soon, bingo spread far and wide in America, and then the bingo games started being played in the UK, Mexico, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Charity game

After its birth when the bingo games were quickly spreading as a family game, a catholic priest in the nineteenth century thought of organizing charity bingo to collect funds for the church.

This experiment was a major success and by 1934, a large part of the church community was organizing charity bingo games, and more then 10,000 weekly bingo games were getting organized.

Bingo halls

Bingo became not only a family game but also a party game and a popular source of entertainment in gatherings, and the growing craze for bingo games, with its social benefits, started attracting businessmen who planned to open special places where bingo games could be played.

Bingo Halls became the big thing; separate areas were demarcated for the bingo players and traditional bingo games with cardboard were played.


While bingo became more popular, people discovered new variations with different winning patterns and number cards. Different countries started using different bingo games versions; 75 ball bingo gripped America while 90 ball bingo swept through the UK, Australia and Asia.

Online Bingo

The traditional classic board bingo has emerged in its newest and universally popular avatar as online bingo, offering outstanding bonuses to the players and attracting them like magnet.

By Clive Mothlee
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