Free Bingo Attracting More Players

Bingo is a game that has achieved immense popularity since the post war years. Bingo clubs operated by industry giants Mecca and Gala bingo offered bingo games to packed houses. In the UK bingo developed into a sort of sub culture with its own jargon and slang. Bingo callers created a whole new ‘language’ that only die hard bingo fans can understand. In the early 90’s bingo went online with limited success. Online gaming technology at the time was not highly developed and bingo fans complained that online games were boring. Online callers were usually robotic monotonous voices that spoke in monotones. Thanks to software advances the capabilities of online bingo sites were greatly enhanced allowing internet bingo sites to create a realistic bingo experience for players. Internet bingo was already gaining popularity when the UK government implemented a smoking ban. Land based bingo halls experienced a sudden and drastic drop in attendance. Studies had shown that about 63% of all bingo players were smokers and many smokers indicated they would go online to play their favorite game.

Since then the internet bingo industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Today over 250 bingo websites provide bingo games for UK players. The industry has also expanded into new markets such as Spain and Scandinavia. Internet bingo providers offer players huge jackpots and a wide variety of player perks and bonuses. In addition most internet bingo websites offer free bingo games of some sort. Most sites offer free trial offers and websites have gone online that specialize in free bingo for real cash. A quick Google search using the search terms ‘free bingo’ will generate 5,460,000 results! Some websites offer free bingo for cash while others provide free bingo for a variety of prizes which can range from inexpensive trinkets to luxury vacations in exotic ports of call.

Most pay bingo sites offer deposit and sign up bonuses enabling players to essentially play for free. As an example if a bingo site offers a 250% bonus and the player deposits $100 the player receives $250 worth of free bingo. Usually these bonuses can only be used to play bingo and slot games and cannot be withdrawn along with winnings. One of the most popular features of internet bingo websites are chat rooms which give the online version of bingo a social atmosphere. Most sites offer special chat games for cash and prizes. Bingo has come a long way since the post WW2 years and the future of online bingo looks very bright indeed.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.