It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to play blackjack or roulette and lived in the United States you had to travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. This wasn’t a particularly pleasant travel choice for those living in Miami, Cleveland or Honolulu. Now, however, you can find the best online casino games wherever you have computer access.

Roulette has been played since the 1700’s. The word is a French diminutive meaning little wheel. Walk into any casino and you will usually find a throng of people hovering around the wheel rooting on their wagers. With online roulette there is no need to fight through the crowd. From the convenience of your keyboard, you can place all the same roulette bets that you could place at a casino, both inside and outside bets.

Craps is perhaps the highest speed, fastest action, and most complex casino game. It has been played for hundreds of years, possibly dating back to the Early Middle Age. The crowd around a craps table is often more raucous than that found by the roulette wheel. And if you decide to play it would be wise to know what you’re doing and not be intimidated by the crowd. Online craps provides new-comers to the game a particularly effective way to learn the ropes without getting swallowed up by the crowd.

Any aficionado of James Bond movies knows that baccarat is his game of choice. It dates back to the reign of Charles the Eighth of France who ruled during the middle to late fifteenth century. Baccarat is another game that can easily be found online. There is no need to travel to the casino at Monte Carlo.

Perhaps the most popular online casino game is blackjack, sometimes called twenty-one. One of the first references to the game of twenty-one is found in the novel “Don Quixote, ” Cervantes’ work from the early 1600’s. The online version plays just like the tables at Las Vegas without your having to hunt down a table whose minimum bet fits your budget.

Slot machines are an American invention of the late nineteenth century. They remain a hugely popular form of gambling at most casinos. To address the demand for slots online, many online casinos now have slot machines available for play – minus, of course, the ever-present din that bombards your eardrums in slot machine parlors.

Wherever your gaming passions may lie, you are sure to find hours of entertainment playing the best online casino games. Be sure to do your due diligence and only deposit money at those sites you know to be reputable.

By Simon Skinner
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