It is easy for anyone to understand the construction of roulette wheel. The online roulette game will save both the time and also money and it is very convenient. It does offer you more or less same excitement as you would get in real casino, except there you would be face to face with your opponent and be able to read his expressions. The roulette game is played more with chances as believed by everyone. But some believe that there are some strategies to follow to win the game and they also believe that the online game will give them more experience to win.

The wheel of roulette is made of wheel head and a static bowl. The wheel will spin during playing the game whereas the bowl will remain stationary. Within the bowl the wheel head will rotate. But this is spun by the dealers when the game is played in the real casino. You can notice that the slots for the ball to land are mostly on outer edge of wheel head when you play the roulette game. What we refer to a cone is the part which is right at the center of the wheelhead and is conical in shape The cone has got the role of directing the ball if it gets lost from the momentum so that the ball will fall in any slots which will help in finalizing the number that wins.

Every roulette wheels are being completely checked before using it in the casino if there is any malfunction or fault in it. The American and the European roulette are mainly differentiated with the number sequences in the roulette. But this distinct feature does in no way effect the result of the game. The roulette design is almost standard in every casino and it is the same even in the online game. The wheel is rotated by the dealer in any one direction and the ivory ball is launched in the opposite direction. And the circle will eventually slow down and so will fall on any slot representing the winning slot. As per rule the diameter of the roulette ball must be 12/16 inches. For every roulette game this is the most appropriate parameter and no ball ever goes over these parameters. An optimal speed of rotating and landing is got with this size. But the online roulette is different compare to the one played on table.

By Karl VCohen
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