This is called a split bet and you have to place the chip on the line between the two numbers that you select So which ever number wins; you get the winning but in half ratio of the total bet “Street bet “- is bet type where you can bet on three different numbers and you will place your chip on the left border line of the roulette table, towards the inside There are more kinds of bets offered in European roulette

This is so true , if you are an expert in European roulette you can win easily Fourth type of bet in European roulette game is ‘Corner bet’, which allows you to bet on four numbers at the same time and your chip will have to be placed at a common point where the four numbers meet Here the player can bet on these four numbers One of the most interesting bets of European roulette game is called ‘Dozen bet”, and this bet allows the player to gamble on a group of twelve numbers , but placing his chip in one of the three boxes that are marked as ‘1st 12 ‘, ‘ 2nd 12 ‘ and ‘3rd 12 ‘.

European roulette has a few other types of bet which players can learn and enjoy playing European roulette offers you odds that are much better than the American roulette It has just one zero slot, whereas American roulette has two zero slots Anyone who wants to play roulette will certainly want to play on single slot wheel and that is European roulette only. While playing on line, European roulette is going to be the best option always and will appeal to you more than the American roulette It is important that you make yourself familiar with roulette rules and specially the rules that are set by the online roulette so that there is clarity on what to expect of the game. This is the only way to reduce your losses , by learning the ways of how to play roulette , the online roulette way. Ensure to place your bets in a manner that strengthens your chances of winning to the maximum As long as you know how much to bet and what is the amount of money you are willing to gamble with and are prepared to write of as your losses, its okay to play. When you decide to Play roulette you must have the determination to leave the game when you have reached you limit of losses Every color has been allotted a value for which it stands.

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