One of the most popular table games at the casino is that of craps. Craps is merely a game of chance given the results of rolling some dice. While you think you can do certain things to affect the results, you really can’t. Many people extol the virtues of various strategies saying how using these can improve upon your game. These strategies while sounding appealing are actually not going to improve the odds of you winning at the game of craps.

A strategy that many people believe can assist them in playing crap is the method in which the dice are rolled. They believed if dice were rolled a certain way or perhaps with both hands, the results could be influenced. Some people went so far as to cheat and try to slip in loaded dice when rolling. Casinos therefore changed their rules regarding how the dice are to be rolled. Currently, the dice must be in view constantly. For no reason, should they not be able to be seen. Additionally, should the dice fall from the table; the only person permitted to fetch it would be an employee of the casino. Typically, when this happens, they will call up for replacement dice. Dice can only be used a maximum of 8 hours and then they are replaced.

The theory that tossing the dice in a specific manner is also false. No matter how you choose to roll it, it will still produce random results. So, no matter what you do, don’t think you can influence the results. When playing craps, certain conditions must be met for a roll to qualify. After being tossed, both dice must hit the wall opposite you on the table. Some people have tried rolling the dice a certain way and failed to hit both dice on the wall. Should this occur, you automatically lose. You are not given the opportunity to roll the dice a second time. In the game of craps having a firm understanding of the rules of the game as well as the forms of bets that can be placed will get you much further than these silly strategies.

By Adam Shaw
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