Roulette is a very interesting game no matter where and how you are playing it. All the rules and regulations remain same for bo0th online and live roulette. However obviously there are some particular and prominent differences in between them and players may prefer one over the other.

Paying online roulette is very comfortable as it needs only the player and the computer with internet and nothing else. The player has the freedom to play anytime within 24 hours according to his/her comfort and as he/she is playing at a quite atmosphere at home, it is very easy to think more clearly and carefully while betting and so expert players can have greater chance to win when played with cool mind from home.

Casino roulette or the real one has its own attractions. Many people like the ambience of the casino and the opportunity to socialize with people while playing and roulette gives enough time to player to catch up with other as it has medium or slow pace and has time in between two results. However these are absent when player is playing online roulette at home. At the most he/she can enjoy with some popcorn and beer while playing at home.

On the other hand it may be difficult for all players to visit casino every time he/she wants to play if they do not stay nearby any casino. And casinos are situated mostly at the heart of big cities and those coming from country side or so may not make it to the casino frequently. So for them online roulette would be better option.

More over once you visit the casino you tend to spend more money. As other than only betting you can spend money on drinks and foods also.

Both the forms of the game have their own advantage and disadvantages. It’s all up to the players that which one they prefer.

Roulette is not the only game seen at the casinos. There are plenty of others which may catch your attention. But there are certain reasons for the huge popularity of roulette among all of them.

By jack
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