Although it plays on an entirely different medium, live dealer online roulette plays just like an actual roulette game in a casino. That it is played online, with the dealer and the wheel seen through webcam, does not hinder its game play. Therefore, it is safe to say that the tactics used in a traditional roulette game will definitely work on a live dealer online roulette game. Of course, these live dealer online roulette tactics are not tactics or strategies in the traditional sense, since live dealer online roulette (like its brick and mortar counterpart) is a game of luck rather than a game of skill (skill-based casino games include Poker and Rummy, for instance). Nonetheless, these live dealer online roulette tactics are integral to the game as it adds different layers and dimensions to the game.

Many veteran roulette players say that gamers who are about to start playing live dealer online roulette should first bid low. This is regardless of the mind frame of the player, whether he plans to bet big in the long run or not. The key to winning big in live dealer online roulette games in by making sure one’s monetary limit is stretched as long as possible. Also, this ensures that the player’s money is not spent during the earlier parts of the live dealer online roulette game. If the player cannot win even until the very last moments of his game, at least he was able to have fun for a longer period of time.

Players of live dealer online roulette should also remember that changing numbers can reduce one’s chances of winning. Many people fail to realize the odds at stake here, mainly because several choices are involved. For instance, a player betting on a single number in a turn has a 37 is to one chances of winning. According to a popular tactic in roulette (which is also applicable in live dealer online roulette), a player has 60 percent chance of winning if he bets on a single number for 37 turns. Obviously, the percentage is halved if the player bets on two single numbers–and is further reduced when the players bet on more individual numbers. It is best to switch numbers once that particular number has won, or after the player’s self-allotted loss limit has been used up.

Also, many players–especially the beginners–are easily swayed by the bets of their co-players. Needless to say, players should only focus on their game alone, without minding the game of the other players. Live dealer online roulette can be considered as a group game, since more than one person is participating in the same live dealer online roulette session. However, the game of others will not affect an individual’s own game. Most live dealer online roulette games do not impose limits on the bet placed on a particular number. Furthermore, most live dealer online roulette games allow players to bet on a particular number for as long as possible.

In the end, it is all about safe plays and strategic betting. Nonetheless, players can also play depending on what they feel. This also makes live dealer online roulette games more fun and exciting.

By Dan Roberts II
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