The game of roulette or is one of the simplest games to play in a casino. But its simplicity and elegance also attracts many myths. let’s look at some of the myths that resist simple mathematical principles.

Myth 1: There is a bet that gives a zero advantage to the casino.
In the short term, it is true that certain bets give the player a better chance of winning. However, in the long run, there is no bet that provides a 50-50 chance – in a land based casino or casino online.

There are 37 numbers in European roulette. If you bet only a number and win – you get 35 credits plus the return of the value of your original bet – 36 credits – never 37 credits.

Thus, there is a little difference between the prize (1×36) and the probability of winning bet is (1 / 37) – which ensures the 2.7% gain for the casino, land based or casino online. This small difference between the prize and the probability of the bet is constant in all bets.

Myth 2: There are patterns in the roulette, so I can predict results.
It can be detected in the patterns in the past moves. Imagine you could create an equation that explains the moves of the past – this does not guarantee you a correct extrapolation to the future.

Creating an equation that is based in the past than you are assuming that a relationship exists between the moves of the past and future. All the behaviours in the past will be replicated in the future – extremely unlikely.

The patterns you see in roulette are fluctuations that result from the randomness of the game: sometimes more red numbers, sometimes more black numbers. After millions of moves the end result is that all numbers have occurred exactly in the same percentage. However, in the short term patterns will emerge in a random – unpredictable manner. Some trends may be similar to others in the past. However, it is impossible to know when this pattern will end or continue – It will always be a little different…

Myth 3: All casinos roulette are the same.
There are roulettes with different advantages. European Roulette (has only one zero) has a theoretical advantage of 2.7% for the casino. The American roulette (with a zero and double zero) the casino advantage is 5.26%.

Some Casino Online also offer the rule “La Partage”. With the rule “La Partage” the player only loses half the bet if the wheel stops on zero. This rule reduces the probability of casino profits to 1.35%. Some online casinos also offer progressive roulette where you win with the right combination of numbers while you play. There are players who have won more than half a million in the progressive roulette. Hence, not all roulettes are the same.

Myth 4: Some roulette systems eliminate the casino advantage
This myth leads many people to buy computer or mathematical systems to beat roulette consistently, especifically in the casino online. No roulette system has real a long-term impact on the house advantage. Roulette is a random system where the house advantage results from the difference between the prize paid and the probability of the bet to be successful. However, there are benefits using a roulette system: some systems have the flexibility that if you’re lucky you can win more money than in a flat bet. Other systems allow players to play responsibly without compromising their budget. However, in the long run, the casino advantage, including casino online is always the same.

Myth 5: Random or not, it is better to bet against the trend.
Wrong. In fact, in the roulette with a human dealer is always better to bet on the trend.
Roulette in theory is truly random system. Yet the computerized roulette is not subject to physical wear and biased the outcome for certain numbers and omit certain numbers. Thus, the randomness of the system can be compromised. Of course, the casinos are fully aware and do their best to avoid these failures. However, even in the 90’s there are true stories of players that found these flaws.
The Spanish player Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo found a mechanical roulette with physical flaws in the Casino Gran Madrid… and gained more than 1.5 million

Conclusion – it is always best to bet on the trend – in the unlikely event that you are in a biased roulette…

By Milton Pino
Milton Pino, participates in various sites related to online gambling. Maintains the site Roleta and Casino Online