In this book, a defence consultant, Pawlicki, seeks to explain and demonstrate how to find biased roulette in a casino and how to fully exploit that roulette.

This is an excellent book and one of the first to explain and analyze carefully all the ways to win at roulette in a casino. It begins with a mathematical analysis of the common “systems” and why they can never win in the long run, but at the same time shows how to use them to “play for fun” – minimizing your losses.

I did extensive research on the roulette, and this is one of the first books that does give a clear and defined way to perform the visual observation of the wheels. I will not say it is easy to master, but at least it will definitely show how to do.

Pawlicki distinguish by its scientific approach and honesty. Dives the reader in the statistical analysis of expected values and confidence levels for a given strategy in a roulette casino.

However, despite all the theory in the book, his text is not at all a theoretical dissertation – does provide with practical advice. Like any well-researched, scientific text, does cites relevant literature and references.

The book begins with a review of the historical origins of the roulette wheel and goes quickly to the layout of the wheel and the betting table. He teaches how to cover those with a minimum number of chips – slicing sector.

His discussion of roulette systems “mathematics” seeks to clarify why they fail completely when the player bets on the roulette random results in the casino.

Physically, there are a variety of factors that could cause the wheel not to produce real random results. The author does provide a tools and strategies that anyone can apply such as observation of results. Obviously, these may not seem very appealing to play in a casino online. However, with the increase of casino online providing live dealers, many of the advices presented by the author can also be used in a Casino Online – in the Live Dealer Section.

The book carefully explains each technique, including the level of skill necessary to apply it.

Also demonstrates the importance of casino player psychology and how much it will be useful in the heat of battle – whether it will be in a land based casino or in a casino online.

This book has something for everyone: the aspiring professional player, the system player, and the casual or recreational player. If your favourite casino game is roulette, then buy this book. You get a lot of scientific information with practical advice on how to apply them effectively in an accessible form.

By Milton Pino
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