Booking casino party rentals is a terrific way to celebrate any occasion. Casino games make great entertainment for party guests of all ages and they keep your guests engaged and entertained. Planning a casino night party is easy with a few fun casino-themed ideas.

Types of Casino Party Rentals

Casino party rentals are available for a wide range of games. You can rent the equipment alone, or opt for hiring dealers for each activity as well. If you forgo the dealers, be sure to provide written instructions for each game to help out your guests.

Your casino party night doesn’t have to include just card games. Oversized inflatable slot machines, miniature dog and horse tracks, dice games, and raffle tickets all ad to the fun of casino party rentals.

Some popular casino party games are blackjack, craps, roulette, bingo, poker, baccarat, Texas Hold ‘Em, race tracks, and slot machines

Other Ideas to Enhance Your Casino Party Rentals

Your casino party can take on a life of its own with a few additional touches. You can turn your Portland or Seattle Casino Night into a memorable event by inviting guests to dress up as the rich and famous, reenact scenes from your favorite James Bond movies, incorporate trivia games, and raffle off a valuable prize such as a date with the most eligible bachelor in the room or a cash pot.

The Riverboat Gambling theme adds a little old world charm to your event. Guests can dress in old fashioned clothing and don sheriff’s stars and plastic six shooters to help keep the peace during the games.

Include a few swooning gals to provide a little distraction while the masked bandit makes off with the gambling pot!

Guests can also add a little mystery to casino night by dressing up in costumes or donning facemasks upon arrival. You can add a spy theme to your casino night and hold a mystery dinner type of activity with amateur actors. You can even print up special money for use during your casino night party for added fun.

Including the Kids with Casino Party Rentals

If your event includes guests under 18, you will need to adjust your casino games to provide age-appropriate entertainment for the little ones. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Oversized Dice Games

You can create oversized dice with cardboard boxes painted to look like dice. Little party guests will have a blast just rolling these oversized dice around the room, but you can also use them to play real party games.

Children can guess what numbers other players will roll, or they can race to see who rolls a specific number combination first.

Teams can work together to roll the dice across a finish line or you can construct an oversized game board out of doors using washable paint to create a game board on the lawn. Be sure to include lots of prizes for the younger guests.

You can also give each child three chips at the beginning of the party. Choose a code word and instruct guests that they are to try to get other guests to say the code word throughout the night. If a child says the word, they must give up one of their chips. The child with the most chips at the end of the night wins a special prize.

These are all great ideas for a themed party, and provide entertainment for guests of all ages. Everyone likes to win, and casino party rentals ensure every party guest is a winner at your celebration.

By Marty Party
Marty Party writes for Inflatable Kingdom about group events in Portland and birthday parties. Marty has over 25 years experience providing families with party and event planning services.