Blackjack cards:

Blackjack cards are typically standard deck cards. However at casinos, the blackjack cards, like the other card games as well, will have the casino logo on them or be standard diamond checked red or blue. In blackjack, most of the tables will use six decks at a time. At some casinos, when decks are changed out on each table, they will alternate between colors. These cards will be counted one deck at a time before being put into play. To watch a dealer shuffle six decks of cards in a sight to see. The blackjack cards will be shuffled and cross shuffled a number of times before the dealer puts them out to be cut. Cutting the deck, the dealer will hand a divider card to a player to cut the deck. This will cause the back section to be put to the front. Then the divider card will be used by the dealer to mark the ‘end of play’ section of the deck. When the dealer gets to the divider card the current hand will be finished and time for a re-shuffle. Each set of decks will only be played for a determined number of hands. It’s not uncommon to be sitting at a table for a long period of time, especially if players are winning, for new cards to be used. When this happens, all old cards are accounted for and then put back into packs then marked as used. The whole process starts all over again. If you are on a table where the players are winning, it gets frustrating for them to call for new decks. Just remember, the cards have a set number of turns in play before being switched. Another caution is to only gamble the amount you can afford to lose.

By Nelson Jefferson
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