Casino players are as interesting as the games they play – roulette, craps, poker, or baccarat. If you have watched them covertly, you have learned to pigeonhole them according to their playing styles and how they play their free bets or last wagers.

Which Player Are You?

The characters around the poker table or watching the roulette wheel intensely have their distinct gambling personas, and it pays to know each player’s strong points and flaws. This is possible if you play with the same people regularly, like the Friday nights poker boys or girls.

It is no different with online casino players. You’ll know them by their game and the way they handle their free bets. Here are some of the common casino characters you can find online:

* The ABC player – You see this player in the beginners’ tables, but sometimes they try on the pros for size. Their moves are predictable because they follow the book to the letter. They’re careful with their free bets. So careful are they that playing with them can be a bore.

* The bluffer – You have to be doubly careful when you are playing with a good actor. He’ll wager his free bets like a king or pretend to make a crying call or drool to fool everybody to believe he’s got an upper hand.

* Going for broke – This player won’t think twice about his dwindling bankroll. He’ll play his last dollar and sometimes get the pot. These are the exciting players to watch.

* The card counters – With mental and visual speed, the card counters can guess the total score of the dealt of low or high cards. There is much myth attached to these characters, but whatever, they are a force to reckon with.

* The blusterer – Opponents would love to choke this player. They are rude, lose their temper, cuss around, and cannot take losing their free bets or high stakes lightly. They cannot take losing graciously.

* The maniac – Another character that stirs the casino scene. They are not afraid to squander their free bets or the last of their chips. You can say they have the nerve.

* The cardhark – The guy is sharp and quick. You’ll realize too late you’re being cheated out of your socks. Again, there are two kinds of cheaters – the bumbling cheat and the effective cheat.

* The anglers – The twist the rules suit their play and unless it becomes a clear violation of the rules. They cannot be caught red-handed.

If you can recognize yourself in any of these categories, you can also see how your opponents perceive you, which perhaps will jolt you to change or improve your act.

Cool and Notorious Casino Characters

Aside from the common casino characters, you have seen the well-dressed and the well-heeled and the slobs who cannot refuse a flutter. The crowd is a mixed bag of haute couture and off-the-rack fashion, but the coolest of the crowd are the poker greats who made it through sheer grit.

Leading the list of the notorious gamblers is Bugsy Siegel. This generation’s cool gamblers are Archie Karas, Kerry Packer of Australia, and Stephen Allan Wynn. Would they tell you what they do with their casino free bets?

By Bayrd Macrae
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