If enjoy playing blackjack or want to learn, then having the right blackjack system and using a proper blackjack strategy is important if you want to have the best odds against the casino or playing among friends. One of the most common blackjack systems you may of heard of is called card counting. This basically means with this blackjack strategy you keep a running total in your head based on a point system. This is extremely effective with one or two decks because of the fact of less cards to count. The more decks involved, the more difficult it is to keep track of all the cards. Now this can be not accepted at casinos but not illegal if using your mind to count versus an electronic device which is illegal.

Now with using a blakcjack system and blackjack strategy to increase your odds, make sure you learn from someone that is not only experienced but also continues to play. This means you are learning from the right person that knows what they are teaching you versus someone teaching you something they read and never tried. Unfortunately a lot of the blackjack systems and even the most easiest blackjack strategy may seem like it would work, but if try in real situation you find that the blackjack system was not the right one to use in real life playing.

In blackjack the players cards are shown both up off the deal and the dealer has one card up and one card down. This means another blackjack strategy and a basic blackjack system is to always play like the dealer has a ten as their hidden card. This means that if you see the dealer has a ten showing, then play like the dealer has a twenty. So the most common blackjack strategy is to play like the dealer has a ten always hidden. Another blackjack strategy is to play like the dealer. You see, the dealer has to continue to take card until they reach 17 or higher. This means if a dealer has 16 or under, then the dealer has to take a card. So if the dealer go’s over 21 the whole table wins. So when you use a blackjack strategy to play like the dealer, you will find that you start increasing your odds as well. You will notice that a lot of times the dealer wins due to people at the table playing without blackjack systems. Unfortunately you will find that some players play terrible and mess up your game. One of the simple blackjack systems or blackjack strategy is to walk away from a table that is being played by people with no experience. If you have a $100 bet on the line and someone is playing a $5 hand, unfortunately they will not play as if you would becuase they are not risking as much as you.

There is tons more blackjack strategy choices and blackjack systems to learn. To have the best advantage and start playing like a winner is to have the right person teach you the basic and advanced blackjack systems that will help you fast. You can buy books, take lessons online, take private lessons online and offline, and actually there are many more options for you if still serious about having blackjack systems to give you the best odds. You can learn more about blackjack systems and how to learn the right blackjack strategy at the site http://www.blackjackincome.com. Since blackjack has the best odds of the casino games, you will find that not only can you start playing better, you can also start putting more winnings in your pockets. If you have played blackjack before, then you know it can be a fantastic game. If you haven’t played blackjack before, then now is the time to learn and see how having the right blackjack strategy will put you to the next level.

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