Las Vegas is replete with casino games that every visitor to this city must try. Listed below are five Las Vegas games that every tourist should try their hand at.

1. Poker – Poker is one of the most popular card games in the casinos across Las Vegas. The initial betting amount is usually pre-fixed and players keep matching or raising the betting amount until everyone at the table has had a turn. Eventually, depending on which version of Poker is being played, the player with the high or low hand stands to win.

2. Craps – Craps is different from Poker in that a player can be pitted against other players or the bank. The entire game revolves around the rolling of two dice and the players betting on the potential outcome of each roll. Certain numbers mean the bank wins, while certain numbers mean the players win.

3. Blackjack – A relatively easy game to understand, this game has a lot of fans in Las Vegas. Based around the number twenty one, the game’s rules state that whosoever (the dealer or the player) has a hand that totals over twenty one, loses. Bets are placed in a betting box prior to the start of the game.

4. Baccarat – Boasting of Italian origins and based around the number nine, Baccarat involves three major elements – the player, the banker and tie. These are not terms to define who is involved in the game; rather, these are terms to determine which side of the Baccarat fence the player chooses to sit on. The player with the cards totalling closest to the number nine, wins.

5. Slots – Slot machines are known to be quite addictive and to leave players without any change to tip the waiter. They operate around three or more reels which revolve when a particular button is pushed. If the reels stop on the same visual, the player wins.

Paul writes about Las Vegas travel and tours and NYC vacation rentals.

By Paul Symonds
Paul has a Masters in CBIS and loves to travel and write.