It is a busy world we live in and everybody has their own busy schedules juggling multiple daily tasks of their own which is why LuckyDustBingo want to ensure players can get the most fun out of their limited time.

As online bingo continues to grow the amount of sites appearing across the web is phenomenal. All with the same aim of providing endless fun for those who love bingo as well as the chance to make friends along with the excitement of possibly winning a huge jackpot.

Bingo providers all come rolling up with their sparkling shiny new sites with fancy graphics and generous offerings. Whether new or old a bingo site generally tends to offer a vast variety of games to play in order to entice bingo players.

A usual feature on a bingo sites will be a timetable of what bingo games they offer and at what times they are due to start. This feature is fine for players who are happy to stick to the site they love and are happy with the times that the site is offering their favourite games. But for those players who are new to bingo, or would like to consider playing games from a variety of sites, or are searching to play their favourite games at specifics times then one sites timetable is just not going to provide them with all the information they need.

LuckyDustBingo has come up with the answer. Rather then have a player search around the never ending web they are providing schedules from all the big names in the online bingo world. Players simply click on the schedules tab located at the top of their home page and select which schedule they want to browse. Having all the schedules on one site allows players to quickly skim through and see which bingo providers and offering their favourite games without having to visit each site individually. Making life much easier and their valuable time better spent.

As online bingo sites regularly change their games offerings and times LuckyDustBingo’s schedules ensures players will never be left disappoint due to a missed gamed as the schedules will only be showing the most up-to-date information.

If a player has a spare hour they can quickly look what games take their fancy and who is offering that game at that particular time and simply take their pick. If one site is not offering what they want at a particular time they can simply check which other sites are. The time players save searching for their favourite games they can use to play more of their beloved bingo games.

The schedules will be particularly useful to players that are new to the online bingo world and they will be easily able to find a game that suits them. After seeing the schedules players maybe inclined to try a Bingo provider that they were previously unaware of giving benefit to the bingo providers. A schedule can be viewed at

Players will also be able to save time by bookmarking their favourite schedule pages with bookmarking sites such as,, and Bookmarks will allow players to save their favourite links, organise and access them from any computer with an internet connection around the world.

The schedules will play a fundamental part in player’s time management and can actively give them more free time for more fun! Along with game schedules LuckyDustBingo also provides bingo site reviews, latest news, promotions, details on how to play bingo, bingo lingo, history of bingo, Bingo rules and fun free games to play.

By Stacey Beattie
Business Writer