I love poker. I’ve played poker at many places. The invention of online poker has helped the game explode. It’s given a lot of people the courage to start playing the game-real tables can be very intimidating.

While there’s something to be said for playing Poker in the real world, online poker offers many key advantages that may suit you better-I know I love online poker. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantage of online poker.


In the real world, you have to find a poker room. Once that’s done, you need to find a game that’s going-and hope it’s one you want. If it’s busy, you get to wait in line (hours sometimes). No thanks.

With online poker, you can play anytime day or night and you can find the specific games you want. From pennies to big cash tournaments, it all waits for you.


Let’s keep on the poker game choice theme. In the real world, the table limits are what they are. You either take them or leave them. With online poker, you can always find exactly what you want. Looking for a $5+$1 SnG tournament? No problem. Want a dollar game? Sure thing.

Poker Variants

So you’re at the poker room and looking for a specific type of poker or game style. Even if you want Texas Hold’em, the room might not have tournaments or ring games. It’s so limiting. Again, online poker comes to the rescue. You can find whatever type of poker you want and the game style to match your mood. It’s just perfect.


This is a huge one for me. I’ve been in real-world poker games that take forever. Some guy has no outs, but he wants to spend an hour acting like he’s thinking. It’s one thing to spend a few minutes, but it can get out of hand.

Online poker moves very fast. You can play and go. The result is more hands and possibly more money.


With online poker, there’s no dealer to tip. This is great. Even if it’s just a buck, that’s $1 you’ve lost. Tipping in the real world is expected and you should tip. But however you slice it, a tip is a loss. I like keeping money in my pocket where it belongs.

You Can Be Everywhere

Perhaps the best advantage online poker offers is the ability to play at multiple poker tables at the same time-with ease. I’ve seen players playing at 8 tables. If you can focus on more than one table at a time, this advantage will allow you to really rack up the winnings in a hurry.

Online poker is better in so many aspects.

By Will Win
Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. Play online casino games at the top online casino!